Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What are Your Plans for Christmas?

Apart from feasting (This year Christmas is being brought to me by the letter “D”).

I mean in terms of getting done all those things you ought to get done over the two-week activity gap that stretches in front of us.

We all have commitments to family and friends get-togethers, and we all want “down time”, but admit it – you’ve been waiting for a clear day before you

  • Migrate the contact database to its new form
  • Implement the super-fixes to your web compiler
  • Sort through all the cartons and move most to storage

And so on.

Do us all a favour.

Drag out your diary and set aside a complete day for each task you’d like to accomplish.

On that day, disconnect your phone, set your email to check for mail every ten hours (!) and get that day’s task done – migrate, implement, sort, whatever – so that partway through the day you are DONE with that task.

Use the rest of the day to goof off; you’ve earned it.

This I guarantee – if you don’t plan to do stuff, it won’t get done, and if you don’t plan by setting aside a day that you give to yourself for this task, it won’t get done.

And if it doesn’t get done, you’ll hate yourself come January 5th.


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