Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Failure To Communicate

A great blog item from the Fast Company blog. In essence a list of 20 common faults.

And a list of 4 things to do to begin resolving them.

I took it a step further after reading item 6: “Telling the world how smart we are”. I do that all the time. And why not, I’m smarter than most people, I’m telling you!

I collected the 20 faults and pasted them into a table that fit nicely onto a letter-sized sheet, printed it off on white card stock, then guillotined it into 20 separate small cards that fit easily in my shirt pocket.

Then each time I sat down to lunch with a friend or close colleague I asked them to select the three (of twenty) cards which THEY thought best described me.


After six such polls I tallied the scores and ranked the cards.

That’s how I KNOW you all know how smart I am!

If you’d like a copy of the cards, send me an email.

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