Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why Research Matters to LinkedIn

If you are a LinkedIn user you’ll know the frustration of wanting to make a contact with Robynne without being able to specify a legitimate company, colleague or other specific link to her.

LinkedIn quite rightly wants to protect its members from spurious invitations.

If all else fails and you choose “Other” in the hopes that Robynne will read your text, shrug, and say “OK. Why Not?”, you face an obstacle:

LinkedIn requires that you provide Robynne’s email address!

And the truth is that if you don’t know Robynne well enough to have indulged in eMail, you’ll likely as not not have her eMail address.

Here’s where research kicks in.

LinkedIn’s Achilles heel is a fleet of search engines, Google, for example.

8 times out of 10, a 5-minute sleuthing session will reveal an eMail address, and of those 8 times, at least half will be delivered via the corporate web site, press release, or other corporate-sponsored source.

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