Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why are You Still Communicating with gMail, Yahoo and AOL?

You’re getting just as much spam as am I. Even with a spam filter such as MailWasher , you still need to eyeball incoming mail Just In case there’s a bona-fide enquiry there.

But Why are you doing THAT?

Consider Your Target Market

Are you more interested in making serious money off serious businesses, or are you eking out grocery money and saving up for that once-in-a-lifetime trip to – downtown?

If the latter, you may stop reading now.

If the former – just how many serious business relationships do you think will spring from anyone using a free web-based email service?


(The biggest letters I could find)

While it’s true that you might get some business from a yahoo address, the chances are vanishingly small compared to an enquiry from GlobalConglobulation.com.

And you’ll spend a lot more time batting emails back-and-forth with Mickey123@Yahoo.com for a $125 gig compared to the knowledge you’ll gain in the same time from GlobalConglobulation.com

You Know It’s True

So – off we go to MailWasher ; edit your Friends filters and remove every address that ends with Yahoo, gMail or AOL. You know the other culprits.

And then to the blacklist to set *@Yahoo, *@gMail and *@AOL.

Tomorrow: “But my best friend uses gMail!!”

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