Friday, September 2, 2011

Reducing the Risk

It’s always fun to go shopping when I have a few minutes to kill.

I pick a shop with something of interest to me – in this case, cigars.

I don’t smoke, now, but 30 years ago I did, so I have some experience, and am happy enough to admit that the experience is stale.

What does a successful cigar store owner suggest I buy?

Well, I don’t want to burn up $50 in smoke.

So, OK, we start as low as $3.50, then we have $5.50, then we go to $10 and up.

I see.

The bulk of cigars on display are $15 and up, but we’ll let that slide.

Here’s the Pitch

“Why not take home one each of the $3.50, $5.50 and $10, then you can compare them?”

Smart guy (and that is, in part, why he is successful.

1: I am no longer “Buying a cigar”, I’m “Taking some home”.

2: I am not committed to buying three cigars that may not be right for me

3: The escape exit, for both of us, is that I can buy just a single $3.50 cigar and promise to come back in a week or two.

Which I do.

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