Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wedding in Ottawa

Ottawa is about 5 or 6 hours drive east of here. And, of course, 5 or 6 hours back.

I’m asked for a “rush thing” on Friday morning and I deliver it by email mid-afternoon.

Then I wait for a response, such as “Thx apprec.”, or perhaps something more substantial.


Nothing all through the weekend.

Nothing until Tuesday, or until I call to make sure the email got through.

Then it is that I learn that there was a “Wedding in Ottawa” which, of course, meant leaving Toronto at noon to avoid the weekend cottage-rush, and to get to Ottawa in time to freshen-up in the hotel before meeting the family for supper.

The wedding, of course, takes all day, and Sunday is given over to a late checkout and a leisurely drive home.

All of it out of contact of email, phones etc.

“It’s My Sister’s Wedding”, Right?

Sunday night too pooped to want to do anything other than shower and topple into bed.

Monday morning is given over to catching up on emails, voice mail, walking the dog, rinsing out the food scraps container we forgot to empty before leaving it by itself for the hottest Saturday, July 16th on record, ...

“Wedding in Ottawa”. It explains almost everything.

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