Thursday, September 1, 2011

... Came in Two-By-Two

The story of Noah’s Ark was all about survival. Survival of species, as we would call it nowadays. A simple story, one that couldn’t possibly work (subsequent inbreeding would decimate stocks!), but with elements of truth that are applicable in the business world.

As I work my way through my contacts list, phoning, mailing I find that “Joe doesn’t work here any more”, or scrawled across a returned envelope “Moved; RTS”.

In too many cases I’ve shot my bolt; that person was my ONLY contact at the firm.

Bad Move.

Be Prepared!

As I warp up my latest mailing campaign I’ve been examining each contact.

Are they my only contact in that form?

If so, I research the press releases and web sites to obtain a second (or more!) contact.

If I’m talking with the CEO, I look for the CFO; if I’m talking with the VP of investor relations, I hunt out the President.

My objective is to have no contact company with less than 2 contacts at any one time.

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