Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Please Confirm

“Can you please confirm your hours? I got your time summary yesterday, but now when I run the reports I got more hours. I think you sent me only MSM hours - Am I right? Please correct me.”

I just love confirmation!

I was brought up (via The Psychology of Computer Programming ) to know the value of having another programmer check my coding before submitting it for a job.

This week the process continues: I enter my time sheets online for a client, and I run a report.

The bookkeeper runs a report and compares hers to mine.

Last night I added in new entries for recent work, ran the report to check my new entries and thought “OK, I’m billing them ten hours this fortnight”.

This morning the email above arrived; the bookkeeper sees eighteen hours!

I had run my report of the entries I’d just keyed in, instead of the entries for the entire fortnight.

Without the confirmation run, I might have said “Pay me ten hours” and short-changed myself.

Hurray for bookkeepers!

Hurray for confirmation from an independent source.

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