Monday, September 12, 2011

More About Picture Postage

A recent order for 40 customized stamps on a sheet has gone missing.

The order confirmation says “Wait 15 business days”, and it’s nearly that now, but The Canadian Banknote Company usually has them here within 4 days.

I suspect that the sheet-sized envelope got dropped into the wrong box in this building, and some mean and nasty person decided that a set of stamps was too good to refuse.

May their tongue cleave to the roof of their mouth when they try to lick them.

In the meantime, it’s time to augment my image by printing my web domain up the side of the stamp.

Visit for this image!

1 If anyone steals and uses my stamps, their mother, cousin, or business associate might be curious enough to visit my web site and ask me “What’s the deal?”.

2 More importantly – anyone who sees my envelope/stamp lying on a desk and picks it up, curious, might visit my web site

3 It gets my name out there yet again!

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