Friday, September 9, 2011



Here in the mail is a returned letter.

I met the Managing Director, Head of Marketing & Planning, took him to lunch, discussed this and that; friendly and cheerful fellow.

Last week I mailed a letter.

This week it was returned, “Moved”

I know what that means; he’s gone. Fired or got-a-better-job.

But lost to me, because invariably if I phone to see where he’s gone, the switchboard answers “We don’t have a phone number for him”.

Companies cut ties, and cut them well.

In the past I’ve shrugged, and deleted the record from my contacts list.

But today I phone back


His voice-mail carries his cheerful voice. He is still there!

Could it be just that I have the wrong address? Or that he has switched floors and the Post office has a problem with going to another floor?


I left a voice-mail asking for an updated postal address.

Another one that won’t slip through the net!

Talk to Me !

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