Wednesday, September 14, 2011

But My Best Friend Uses gMail!!

You’ve made the decision NOT to communicate with those who divide their time between making an easy buck and the malware-infested porn/game/free-download sites, right?

No more wasting time with .

No more finding yourself one of 72 people on a CC list going out to swampland.

“But my best friend GiGi in Los Angeles ...?”, I hear you cry.

I got news for you:

Registering a domain costs as little as $10 a year.

If GiGi really is your best friend, buy her Christmas present early this year. And renew it each year. Automatically.

$10 can’t buy friendship on this planet.

But if GiGi refuses to budge, then she is NOT your best friend; is probably not even a friend.

Friend’s recognize constraints of their friends running a business and make compromises.

Freeloaders don’t.

Talk to Me !

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