Monday, September 5, 2011

Who is this Guy Chris Greaves?

If you’ve been following these posts you’ll be aware that a large part of my marketing is to expose myself to the C-crowd of the Deep Pockets Club.

I do that by phone calls, postal mailings, and one-on-one luncheon meetings. I expect that, from time to time, some president, CEO or CFO says to themselves “Who is this Guy Chris Greaves?” (who is inviting me to lunch, who keeps mailing me articles, ...)

So, from time to time, I ask myself that question.

Here are three results of Google searches, the first just for “Chris Greaves”, then second and third for “Chris Greaves Toronto” and “Chris Greaves Mississauga”, since those are my stated geographic markets.

Visit for this image! ChrisGreaves_only.png

Visit for this image! ChrisGreaves_toronto.png

Visit for this image! ChrisGreaves_mississauga.png

Quantities may vary f you repeat the search, depending on the date, and on the size of your monitor screen.

The results can be summarized as follows

Name Only

& Toronto

& Mississauga

4 out 7 or 57%

9 out of 9 or 100%

Top 4 out of 9 or 55%

Now getting 50% or more of the first page is good, but we also need to consider what shows up.

“Walks Toronto”? OK, perhaps he likes to keep healthy, or really loves this city. Arguments with the 407-ETR? Who hasn’t, but it looks as if he has done something about it. Gas prices? Ditto.

But there I am tweeting, LinkedIn, and apparently a member of a society.

This is not necessarily the image I want, but at least I’m there.

I need to get more of my blog or technical pages showing up, and since every page contains the same header information, it must be the content that is affecting the hits.

Google thinks that Walking, 407-ETR, Ice-Storms and Gas Prices are of more interest to people than algorithms and the distinction between data and information.

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