Saturday, June 25, 2011

The tweet which led me to Eric Loftholm's short clear tips got me hooked.

I watched the first three (in the first 3 days after I enrolled for no more than the price of a disposable email address), but prior to subscribing, I had read a couple of his articles.

It all made sense.

And you KNOW that feeling you get when you stumble upon something new that might-just-work.

You want to try using it straight away.

So Do I

Here’s how I see it:

If what I’ve been doing hasn’t been working, then this new tool, once I master it, will be better than anything I’ve been doing to date.

But I won’t master it without practice, so I should start using it straight away.

Even if I am using the tool(s) only half-powered (because I’ve not sat through all the videos), and although I may not CLINCH a sale (by using only the part-method), I’ll be moving myself forward by using existing opportunities as training exercises.

In other words, if I wait until I’m perfect, I’ll never be perfect!

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