Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sales – Moving Forwards

This morning I head downtown; I’ll be presenting a demonstration of some of my applications.

The first meeting was held in January, and it has taken this long to shake a meeting out of that.

The problem that was mentioned in January, the problem that will peak in December, will still peak in December. We just have four months less in which to solve it.

I am thinking of the Sale; How can I get money out of today’s meeting?

I fear I am not pushy enough, so here is my plan:-

I Will Break the Task Into Two Smaller Tasks

My task today is to MOVE THE CLIENT FORWARD from “A discussion” (last January) through “A demonstration” (today) and get them to agree to accept “A proposal” from me.

If I come out of today’s meeting with a request for proposal, I can take everything I’ve learned about the client and put that into the proposal in a way that makes the client want to accept the proposal.

My proposal needn’t be the complete solution – although it will surely help if I can show a road map to the December goal – as much as it might suggests a pilot project, something that will be of low-cost, but will produce measurable results of benefit to the client.

And along the way put some money in my bank account!

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