Saturday, June 4, 2011


"Attached please find a couple of spreadsheets. Sent in confidence.

The GST sheet is what I print and give to my accountant, from which he prepares my income tax statements.

The 2011_05 sheet is my monthly expenses sheet.

My case might be unique in that I am in the habit of "balancing my wallet" any day I return from being outside the apartment.

I reconcile the bank balance against my online bank account and quickly account for any discrepancy.

You might think that someone this organized does not need help, but I've told you about the two large envelopes hanging over my head (=2*$2,500) and you raise the point that I should look into interim payments online."

Who Knew?

Today is the 1st of the month. My machine automatically starts a new billing LOG file (which keeps track of my hours), a new expenses sheet (based on the previous month) and so on, but will I get it done before the end of today?

Suppose I had in place some preventative scheme whereby you remind/nag me on the 3rd of each month if you have NOT received a copy of my monthly summary and that costs me.

A Penalty-Based System.

If you receive my monthly sheet on time, you have nothing to do, so I don't get billed, but if you need to email/nudge me, then you've done something and I pay.

Likewise, if you/I have set up a scheme for whittling down my outstanding balance of taxes, we'd set up a schedule for payments and you'd expect to see a PDF receipt or statement of payment at specific dates. If you didn't see it "Ding" or "Ka-ching" as the case may be.

Other clients would have different needs, and each one would need a discussion with you to determine what kind of nudges are required, and how penalty payments are made.

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