Monday, June 13, 2011

About My Fountain-Pen

Please see also “ The 1-sheet 2-page PDF letter

Each PDF letter looks like a flyer. No personalized name and address.

But I scrawl across the top “Dear Joe; I thought that this might interest you” or similar, and sign it “Chris”.

In real ink with a real Parker fountain pen I bought 15 years ago as a treat for myself. (Also to make me feel like I was a teenager still at high school).

Today I got a call back from a colleague congratulating me on using a fountain-pen; we chatted for a while.

I pointed out that I felt sure some recipients would lick their finger and smear the writing, thinking it was really a clever ink-jet printing.

What do I learn from this conversation (which didn’t discuss the contents of the flyer)?

That the hand-written short note on a postal-mailed item has an impact, makes an impression, and in some cases prompts a phone call.

Above all it singles me out as a distinct person, maybe an old fuddy-duddy, but someone who treasures solid values.

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