Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The 1-sheet 2-page PDF letter

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I’ve been whittling down my backlog of contacts by a strict regime.

I look at the contact who is ready for a contact and make a quick decision: Phone or mail? Colleagues are almost always a phone call. Established contacts are a phone call, unless their record indicates I’ve left 2 consecutive voice-mails without a response. They, and everyone else, gets a 1-sheet 2-page printout of a PDF file.

I’m using up some rather fancy cream-colored paper and envelopes I bought three years ago. That’s my capital, sitting idle on a shelf in my stationery cupboard.

And the PDF Files?

Well, I started with one that was suitable for a contact, but for the second contact I had to write up another PDF.

The third contact, too, required a different PDF file.

But now I’m at the fortieth contact and I have established a small pool of about 6 PDF papers and I can usually find one that suits.

If the contact comments indicate “short of time”, then they receive “TimeConstraints.PDF”, and so it goes.

I do this mechanically. I do NOT move on to the next contact until the PDF sheet is printed (on cream paper), the envelope is printed (cream envelope), the sheet folded and stuffed into the envelope, the envelope sealed and stamped.

No one slips through the net.

If your name comes up, I’m touching you.

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