Friday, May 21, 2010

No New Technology!

As a solo-entrepreneur I am acutely conscious of time slipping away (whether you rent an apartment or are buying a home, “time slipping away” means, each month “money slipping away”).

I am guilty of it, as are you: wanting to believe that this new technology will save me time.

Doesn’t matter whether it is a voice-recorder-that-transcribes-into-text or a new software tool that, once installed and mastered will … or a revolutionary stamp-licking-and-envelope-sealing machine.


If you keep track of the time you spend installing, configuring, and maintaining software, there is very, very little out there that you could truly describe as “saved me a bundle”.

It doesn’t happen.

Whatever new gizmo you are thinking of getting hold of, buying, downloading, etc. today, take ten seconds and ask yourself; Is this just an excuse to divert me from my primary task?

I bet it is.

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