Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Fresh Take on Backups

We had finished the training session and Bernie had unplugged his fairly new DELL computer when I asked him “Do you backup your computer?”.

No, he didn’t. There wasn’t much of value on it. “A few emails, a Gilbert And Sullivan Society brochure or two. Some of Corinne’s teacher stuff, that sort of thing”.

Uh Huh.

My comment caught him by surprise: “Here’s a thousand dollars. Go buy yourselves each a brand new netbook, and I’ll keep this computer”.

No way, not without he “first gets to copy some stuff” off his DELL.

No, I insisted. The deal is right now. One thousand dollars and you walk out of here.


It seems that the data that is on the machine is worth more than Corinne’s wrath if Bernie turns up with two new computers but without the data from the old one.

And yet that is exactly what will happen when Bernie’s hard drive crashes.

Their data is gone and they have absolutely no choice

The small difference is that today the money would have come out of my pocket, whereas tomorrow it will come out of Bernie’s pocket, making a sad, bad situation even worse!

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