Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Don’t Try to Sell

  • Not on the first call.
  • Not on the second call.
  • Not on the third call.

It takes me at least three conversations to get to the point where the contact knows me well enough to even hint at a problem or pain.

We don’t reveal our weaknesses to strangers (unless we are stuck next to them on a bus).

If I can’t sell on the first three calls, what can I do?

I can give: “I’d like to send you a press clipping”; ‘I have a white paper to bring to your attention”; “I’d like to invite you to our next meeting”, and so on.

The gift had better have obvious or at least curiosity value, and it should bring me something in return – an email address, a postal address, or an excuse to call them back in two week’s time.

Here’s the good news: You won’t be doing any cold-call sales calls any time soon.

You’ll be perceived as the bearer of good news.

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