Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Can Change My Mind Only Once

Flexibility is often the key selling point for a solo-entrepreneur. My ability to make snap decisions to accommodate a client is easy, costs me little, and impresses the client.

And gets the job done faster and cheaper.

(That’s why it impresses the client).

By definition I must be more flexible than The World Out There, so by definition the world is relatively inflexible.

I recently announced a training session, at cost (room rental), $50. What a deal!

A great many people couldn’t make it that day.

Not a problem; I’ll make it a week later.

I’m flexible.

I can change.

But a week later is the day after a long weekend.

Should I skip forward yet another week?


Changing my mind once is being flexible.

Changing it twice is indecisive.

And confusing.

And sends a message that perhaps I’m not really serious about this, that it isn’t going to happen after all, that I’m scared or ready to back out.

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