Friday, May 14, 2010

How to Write a Stunning Corporate Profile in 2 Minutes

Browse a few press releases. My favorite source is Canada News Wire .

Quickly find a press release whose corporate profile statement (at the foot of most press releases) sounds like something you wish you’d said:

  • Jimmy’s Capital Corp. is a Toronto-based public merchant bank specializing in the financing of and investment in mineral resource companies. Jimmy’s manages a merchant banking portfolio of emerging resource stocks.

Make changes to the facts:

  • Chris Greaves is a Toronto-based provider specializing in the streamlining of best practices in major companies. Chris Greaves provides a portfolio of more than 140 applications and proof-of-concept models for evaluation.

Or, if you prefer:-

  • Chris Greaves is a Toronto-based trainer specializing in measurable improvements in productivity in staff and users in the business environment.

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