Wednesday, May 26, 2010

$100 of Discouragement

Yesterday I test-drove a training center which I am considering as a venue for regular scheduled training sessions.

I charged attendees just enough to cover the room rental - $50 each – so it was a good deal for them. $50 got them 6 packed hours of intense accelerators in Windows.

Everybody a coupon worth $100 of the next course that they, or the bearer, took on any course offered by me at the training center.

What a deal!

Some people received two coupons!

What they don’t know is this: if they pass the coupon on to a colleague, I’ll give them a replacement coupon.

Am I giving money away?


The coupon’s main benefit is not to them; it is to me.

I was worried that I’d be tempted to offer a second or even a third day at-cost, $50 each, in which case anyone rolling up with a $100 coupon would expect me to pay them the balance of $100.

The $100 coupon has as its main purpose the stiffening of my spine. From this trial at-cost day forward, every session will be $300 per head.

No exceptions.

I have made sure that I can’t afford to offer another $50 day.


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