Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Get the Word OUT!

Want to make your emails a little more useful?

Well, you already know about using the signature block to make announcements. Any email you’ve received from me over the past four weeks has announced my $50/day training session.

But each day I receive various digests of online journals, I read online newspapers and read business blogs.

There’s a wealth of useful stuff out there.

This morning I decided to add “How to talk shop with tech suppliers http://www.backbonemag.com/Magazine/2010-04/how-to-talk-shop-with-tech-suppliers.aspx ” to my signature. It’s a canny article and some recipients of my email will click on the link and benefit from reading the article.

There’s no need to commit to changing my signature every day, but whenever I read an article that can have an impact on my correspondents, I can just update the signature with the latest “goodie”.

Visit www.ChrisGreaves.com for this image! GetTheWordOUT.JPG

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