Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What Do I Look Like to You?

So Ken is taking me out to lunch today, possibly as a "Thank You" for my making available to him, to use as he sees fit, a series of articles.

Ken will pick those articles which he feels improve the content of his email newsletter, and I will get some exposure.

I just KNOW that Ken will ask me "Can you give me a short bio or description of yourself?", and I, mouth full of Caesar salad, will shake my head; "No".

The best person to write the bio is Ken, because it is Ken's newsletter going out to Ken's clients, and surely no-one knows Ken's clients better than Ken.

Who speaks their language? Ken!

Who uses their vocabulary? Ken!

Who retains their interest? Ken!

I am arguably the worst person to write my Bio (of all the people Ken knows); my version would be pompous, arrogant, self-centered. and all the rest.

But Ken can describe me as he sees me, in words that his audience will understand.

That's the best portrayal I could hope for.

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