Thursday, August 20, 2009

Found! By the Search Engines

So, how long does it take?

It varies.

This morning my narrow search for myself brought results:

When I set up a new series of web pages or a new URL, I place a Google Search in my Daily news set, so that each morning I monitor (or more correctly, "Mozilla Firefox monitor's for me") whether I am found or not.

This morning for the first time I was FOUND!.

I launched Indxr.CA on the 2nd of October and I am found on the 24th, say three weeks.

My shortest I can remember is ten days, but I can live with three weeks.

You will have noticed that my search terms are VERY narrow and that they include a series of key words which (series) is probably unique to my page.

Of course no one will go looking for "The Indxr Web page Aardvark …"; This search is designed with only one purpose: to let me know when I CAN be found.

It does not mean that I have invested the page with sufficient oomph TO be found by my target market.

When I remove my "Special keywords" I am relieved to find that I still show up as the ONLY match when my page title is enclosed in quotation marks, that is, is found as a string of words.

When I remove the quotation marks, I don't appear in the top page.

That tells me that I need to do SOMETHING to have Google (or other search engines) rank me higher.

Either pay Google money (yes!) or add keywords or get more folks linking to me. The theories are as numerous as my friends and colleagues.

I note with passing interest that over 22 MILLION results are available.

How humbling.

Down at the bottom of the first page some encouragement:

First, I'm the number one video!

Second, Google has given me some ideas for other keywords to place in my home page and other documents

Over at YouTube, a similar standing mechanism tells me that still, no-one there has looked at my video. Sigh!

YouTube like Google offers me some hints as to what may help me to be found.

Finally, a second standing search tells me that my YouTube video ranks higher than my home page!

Probably because my home page lacks the keywords of the video.

A quick fix would be to augment my home page with keywords from the video posting.

But note again the theories about which search engines use the meta-tag "keywords", and which don't!

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