Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another Good-News Story

How the World is NOT Supposed to Work

When you subscribe for services using a credit-card and find that you no longer want or need those services, your telephone requests are ignored, your email requests are ignored, and your written letters asking for a response are ignored.

Your credit card is "dinged" with a series of never-ending $10 charges, any one of which could be shrugged off as the cost of a Small Caesar salad with grilled chicken AND a pot of tea at The Montreal Deli, but taken all together, the amounts add up, and besides, it is not very nice being involved in a relationship with someone who just can't take NO for an answer.

I shan't mention the company's name, because that would only embarrass the folks at

Or there again, it probably wouldn't embarrass them at all, given their track record.

How the World IS Supposed to Work

When you phone People's Trust (who will probably blush with embarrassment at this unbridled enthusiasm), you get to speak to a nice lady, "June" I think, who listens patiently until you run out of breath, asks a few questions, and then transfers you to Angela, who asks a few questions, solicits Netfirm's phone number, and starts a 3-way conversation.

Well, 2-way, actually, because by the time I get joined in Netfirms is already conceding defeat.

If I understand what happened, Netfirms has agreed to refund $60 to my account, has agreed to an immediate stop to any future transactions, and the Netfirm's clerk is sounding like a recalcitrant 10-year old.

Angela is starting to sound like a much more forceful mother than I ever had, and I start to tremble that once Angela has finished with Netfirms, Angela will turn to me and tell me to tidy my room.

Once Netfirms is off the line, Angela wraps up the conversation with me, and I realize that for the first time, I am leaning my back against the back of my chair.

I tell Angela this, that I am aware of my body-language going from tense-and-hunched-over to relaxed.

I wish that People's Trust did domain registrations and web hosting.

I really do!

Also furniture, meals, taxis - the lot!

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