Monday, August 10, 2009

Two for the Price of One

Have you ever worried about over-emailing your prospects?

Do you have a list of contacts who should be "touched' once a month, and yet you don't know what to say to them?

Consider getting the job done, and getting it done in half the time.

Many of the marketing gurus stress the need to establish connections with other people, "It's WHO you know", which is why we attend networking events and collect business cards.

I have heard that a great way to establish new relationships is to listen to a newcomer at an event, and then offer to introduce them to another member where there is a sound basis for a relationship.

"So you're in Graphic Design? I'd like you to meet a colleague of mine who is a Print Broker. I'm sure that you two have a lot in common".

The same must be true of emails.

If you feel that it is too soon after the most recent touch-you telephone call, consider hunting out someone else in your contact list who might benefit from the contact, and then put the two in touch with each other by email.

I mean, really, it's just another excuse for an email, right? "Ken meet David; David, meet Ken" (Thinks: "There! I've given TWO people value with ONE email" (lies back in contentment ...).

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