Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Procrastinating for Success

Yes, I know, "Do It Now!"

… but that isn't working!

I have 20 prospect folders lined up (The 1-6-10 Rule)

20 prospect folders in the pipeline.

The first one, ever, has resulted in a dialogue which ought to lead to a visit to head office – a good thing for me.

The second folder is bogged down – I just can't seem to get past the voice-mail obstacle.

I know that there are scripts and side-stepping techniques to overcome the voice-mail gateway, but I just haven't got around to developing those skills. Yet.

And yet, that second folder has been a barrier to me for two weeks now.

My solution?


I set the folder aside (or even shred its contents – is it that big a loss?) and move on to the third folder (now the second folder, of course), and get going again.

Apart from tournament play, it's no different from ignoring the golf ball and re-starting with a fresh golf ball. If your aim is to enjoy swinging the club and striding down the fairway chatting with friends, then get on and do that.

It's a golf ball.

Let it slowly rot in the swamp!

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