Friday, August 21, 2009

Now You can Have a Professional Email Address

· Is your email address Losing You Business? Probably.
· Does your business card spell "amateur" or "uncertain"? Probably.
· Are you taken seriously after your prospect glances at your business card? Probably NOT.
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A recent survey of my contact data base turned up 46 names with web-based email addresses using aol, gmail, yahoo, hotmail, rogers, bellnet or sympatico domains.
I took a closer look:
· I'm not Doing Business with any one of them!
Fifteen years ago, to have an email address was to be professional.
Today, to have an email address with a common-carrier is distinctly unprofessional. It shrieks of "I limped as far as my ISP and could go no further".
Would You Pay $9.95 to Build a Professional Image?
That's how much it costs to register your own domain (like and start using a professional email address (like this):

See how easy it is? Even I can do it!
Get Rid of Your Transient Image Once And For all
When your business card offers a real domain name and a real email address, your prospect will immediately ask you "Can I learn more from your web site", and you will respond stating a specific page that you already know will intrigue your prospect, a page that you have created and you control.
What Everybody Ought to Know About Domains, Registration, Hosting And Email
Yes, scary stuff. Until five minutes ago.
We have put together a three-hour course that will take you from Blah to Wow!
In a single three-hour session you will choose and obtain your domain name and carry out every task essential to becoming a professional entrepreneur.
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What's in it for You?
We assume that you are intelligent, yet have no familiarity with the real world.
You are running your own business and have a limited budget.
You don't yet extend to a $5,000 web site solution from some high-paid consultant.
You CAN make some time to do-it-yourself.
And you'd like to be in control.
Just like me.
How Practical is it?
YOU will be expected to bring a credit card, because YOU are going to sit at a computer and key in all the details. YOU are going to choose YOUR own domain. YOU are going to submit YOUR credit card details. YOU are going to obtain a Web Hosting service. YOU are going to create YOUR first Home page, and YOU are going to upload that home page to YOUR web host.
At the end of the session, I am going to send YOU an email, to YOUR new professional address from YOUR new professional web page.
And at the end of three hours, on the way out the door YOU are going to shake my hand, look me in the eye, and say "Thank YOU".
· I promise.
10% Reduction Offer
If you would like to receive a coupon for 10% off your first course, please email us your mailing address and we'll pop a coupon in the mail to you straight away. It's that easy to SAVE!

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