Saturday, August 8, 2009

Give Us This Day Our Daily Blog

I dined (Boston Pizza) with two colleagues last night.

One told me that she started a blog years ago and made one posting. Blogs are not her thing; she is very good at getting her face, name and story into the media at least once a week; TV, radio and newsprint.

The other told me that she posted only once a month because she felt she had so little to say.

Here's my take

(1) A blog entry such as this should take not more than 5 minutes to write.

(2) Use spell-check and eyeball the content, then ship it out the door. It's a blog entry; it's not a $10,000,000 governemnt(*) contract. The people who read your blog will forgive the odd typo. Ignore the baiters

(3) The only people who are going to read your blog are those who feel they can learn something from you; they have therefore already defined themselves as someone who knows less than you; therefore by definition you know more than them. So write what you know. You readers, by definition, won't know what you know. Until you tell them.

(4) Be as specific as you like; a human village is about 200 souls; our brains have evolved to accommodate that many unique identities. There are 7,000,000,000 of us on the planet. Write for your villagaers(*) who love you, not for faceless strangers who don't care to know you.

(5) Write daily. The has to be something that happened to you today. (If not, then get out of bed, shower, dress neatly and face the crowds). No entrepreneur's day is boring. If you aren't meeting a new situation every day, do something about THAT (See? Even realizing that you did nothing novel yesterday is newsworthy!)

(*) Really; how bad is that?

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