Wednesday, April 6, 2011

To Call, or Not to Call? That is the Email!

I have invested many hours (perhaps too many) in developing a sale here in Toronto. Then my contact passes me on to another member of the same firm but in Ottawa, with the words “Jackie will get in touch with you”.

I respond with thanks, “I’ll wait for her to contact me”, in part because I don’t want to seem too eager or pushy, and in part because I want to know that she wants it enough to call me.

Here’s the catch: She didn’t call!

Now I AM eager; I want to meet my sales quota this month (even if it is only one sale), so I brace myself and send off a short eMail “nudge”:

Hello Jackie, I just tried to reach you by phone but the line got dropped. I was calling to ask if you were anticipating anything from me. A week ago Harold indicated that you might contact me, but in case you were waiting to hear from me, well, here is an email! I spent a bit of time on a proof-of-concept model for Harold and uploaded a couple of videos which might be of interest to you:-

Her response?

Hello Chris and thank you for your e-mail. I have forwarded your documentation to a colleague of mine. After watching your videos focusing on a section of a document, and to have a better understanding of what a complete processing entails, would you happen to have a demo illustrating a document being completely processed with such a tool and what it looks like at the “end” ? We were also wondering about the following: - What type of format is used as the “desired situation” ? - How would it work if we were to attempt to use such a tool in different languages? Thank you in advance. Your assistance is appreciated.

From which I gather that

(1) I should be a little more forward in presenting myself; the shy wall-flower type gets to dance, but not as often as the flirt.

(2) In Maybe You’re 65 I quoted CopyBlogger as saying “those customers really want your product”. Spot On!

(3) These contacts are busy people, but they are busy responding to other people. I can be one of those other people.

Talk to Me !

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