Saturday, April 9, 2011

Getting the Word Out – Tapping Into Client Pools

I think the official umbrella name is “Reciprocal Marketing”, although my thoughts are a one-way street here.

I need to get the word out about my training courses. The material is ready, the room is available. I’m ready. Where are the customers?

I know the customers are out there, and that they are already doing some other form of business with someone known to me.

For example, Gary, not his real name, appears to be running a pretty successful financial consulting business. I suspect he has a hundred or so hot name son his list, existing clients, previous clients, ready-to-become clients.

I can approach Gary with this deal:

You pay the room rental costs and I’ll deliver a 3-hour training session to 8 of your contacts for free.

You will look good because you are giving them a bonus (Please see Oranges and Bottled Water ).

Your clients will feel good because they are learning something productively useful for free (plus doing a little bit of networking).

I’ll feel good because I’ll get my name, material, knowledge and techniques out there on display.

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