Monday, April 18, 2011

Fame And Fortune

I have just heard The Beatles singing “Fool On The Hill”, strictly speaking I have just heard a recording of The Beatles singing “Fool On The Hill”.

Nice song. Part of my youth. I was in late high school when The Beatles took the world by storm.

I found myself wondering which of the Fab Four were doing vocals. There are only two left alive.

I found myself wondering if the two survivors, on hearing a Beatles song playing, think back to the day that song was recorded, what they had for lunch, what they were wearing, and so on.

I contemplated that, perhaps, they didn’t listen to The Beatles. After 50 years, maybe you’ve heard enough. Maybe they listen to Lyle Lovett or someone else.

Then I wondered how galling it might be to be walking through a shopping mall and hear your own voice coming through a set of tinny speakers twenty feet above your head.

How Galling!

I think that if I were that famous and was forced to listen to my glory of 50 years ago for the rest-of-my-life, I’d go bonkers.

So I’m glad I don’t have that kind of fame.

I could use a bit of fame, but not that much.

A small fortune would come in handy, too.

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