Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Management Measures - Spatial

Yesterday I got into an argument (nothing unusual there) about the United States of America.

I claimed that their land-level border problems were immense. My friend claimed no-big-deal – “Just two borders, right? Mexico and Canada”.

I just KNEW that I was right; I also believed that the USA wasn’t handling its problems very well, on several fronts, but that’s another matter.

This morning I pulled out one of my trusty atlases and did some research.

But don’t YOU do that

You close your eyes and ask this question:

How many of the states of the USA have a land-crossing border problem, and by “border problem” I mean “Need to monitor a border that would permit inflow of illegal immigrants.

If you can’t do that, try a simpler question: “Does the USA have more than 50%, or does it have less than 50% of its states with Customs & immigration booths and officers?”

The answer is here , but don’t click until you’ve given this problem a fair shake.

Note that every US state has customs & immigration bureaus – for airplane arrivals.

I’m talking here about land-level borde-crossings – on foot, by car, bus, train or bike.

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