Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It’s a People Problem

  • “Can you merge these seven workbooks for us?”
  • “Can you merge these three contact lists for us”?”
  • “Did he really score a goal?”.

The Guardian article scores a hit with "In principle the iview system can also solve specific goal-line issues, but the main reason it wasn't used in the World Cup was the approval of the governing bodies rather than the technology itself.".

We all knew that it wasn’t a bouncing tyre that killed the woman .

In the trade we quietly mutter “It’s a people problem; it’s always a people problem”.

At the root level it is never a technological problem. Cars don’t think. Spreadsheets don’t think. Footballs and goalposts don’t have brains.

It’s a depressing thought that all human problems in the world today can be laid at the feet of humans.

It’s an encouraging thought that I might be one of the humans able to solve human problems.

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