Friday, April 1, 2011

My eLetter – 1st Issue

The first issue went out two days ago to a humble (small mailing list) start.

22 months have passed since first I said “I should issue a monthly newsletter”, and I regret the delay.

Where did the time go?

I think it was dissipated by fear; fear of getting started, fear of rejection, fear of poor quality, and fear of fearing fears.

In the end – SO WHAT?

Out it went, issue number 1, with eleven more issues in the pipeline – articles written – and it’s me, all me.

I figure of course, that those who subscribe will want to hear about ME and won’t care overmuch about the precise RGB code for the background of the thing.

My smartest decision – I think to use a service rather than roll-my-own. I used MailChimp and could have picked one of about a dozen candidates.

I could have started the thing 18 months ago – lord knows I have enough material to sink a public service building – and for 18 months I could have been telling people about it, building up a subscriber base.

Oh well.

They say better late than never, and today I have to start tweaking next month’s issue.

Talk to Me !

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