Friday, April 22, 2011

It’s Happened Again

I got a call from a long-time client two weeks ago, a question about security.

I assembled a few pages of notes (“ Security of Files ”) and emailed the link within 20 minutes of our phone call.

“There you go, Bruce. Please let me know if this was any use to you.“.

Two weeks pass and I hear nothing; not even a short ‘Thanks I’ll take a look”.

So I called back first thing Monday morning. (I call this a limbering-up call) and asked.

He has to look through his voluminous email Inbox folder to find it.

“Oh! There it is. Yeah. Hmmm!”.

He hadn’t seen it and hadn’t read it, and …

The message to me is clear.

When someone calls with a problem and I email the solution to them, I ought to phone them the next business day to remind them that there’s an email in their box.

Because too many people treat their Inbox as an insurmountable problem.

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