Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why I Meet Face-to-Face

The basic reason is that I am old and old-fashioned. I can live with that, because I have to live with that.

A recent Robert Half survey “identified the top five technology etiquette breachers and gives advice to help workers avoid these labels”.

Surprise! Surprise! “5. The Conference Call Con. This multitasker pretends to pay attention during teleconferences but is so busy checking e-mail he has no clue what's being discussed.”.

I often wonder, when I’m chatting with you, whether you are doing the old cocktail-party chat (Uh-huh! You don’t say! I never knew that …) and checking email, or at least, trying to win at MS-Hearts.

When I meet face-to-face for 60 minutes, I get 60 minutes of undivided attention.

It’s true that there is often a 2-hour travel time added to the cost, but at the very least I know I have your attention and, presumably, you consider the matter important enough to invest your time in it too.

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