Saturday, March 26, 2011

Expires July 8, 2011

I read with interest a paper titled “ Email DNSBL Best Practise ”; don’t sweat the spelling, it is an international open-source effort that reduces the volume of spam in your mail box, and mine.

A header/footer text that read “Expires July 8, 2011“ caught my eye.

Visit for this image! expiresJuly82011.png

For the past 15 years every MS-Word document I produce has been pre-loaded with a default header/footer that includes as a minimum my phone number, the date/time of printing and a unique document number.

In the early days I had an idea that I would run a DMS on my system, but the need never rose above “interesting”.

I had not previously thought of including a “Best Use By” date on my documents, and why not?

A great deal of what I write is timeless (these blogs for example!); training material I wrote for Excel 5 and DOS Lotus -123 still holds true because it is all about application development, and that hasn’t changed since 1968.

Some of what I write will become dated quite quickly, especially when I am documenting some weird feature of a specific version of MS-Office, or perhaps this year’s plan to take over the world.

The “Best Use By” date is not meant to cover my ass in any legal dispute; it is there to caution the reader that the material MIGHT stale rather quickly, and my phone number is always available for a checkup.


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