Thursday, March 3, 2011

Now THIS is Embarrassing!

Almost a year ago someone at a client’s site asked for help with an Excel workbook; date calculations.

I submitted a draft version with 90% complete, asking for confirmation that, as far as I had gone, everything was in order. After which I planned to code the remaining 10%.

The contact never got back to me, so I assumed that the job was dropped.

Yesterday I was asked to update the workbook for the current year, but I had not written the final 10%, the customization, for last year.

Presumably the workbook has been in use for 12 months, operating on only 9 of 10 cylinders.

Should I use this as an opportunity to complete the workbook, or should I gently tell the client that apparently they don’t need the special treatment – that last 10% - which they believed they DID need last year?

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