Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Turning Down Work – part 3 of 3


Same client now wants to pay cash!

They have no brick-and-mortar address.

The web site consists of a login screen (no Home, About Us, Contact Us, etc.).

Only a cell-phone number, no land-line.

And the training is to take place off-site.

Payment in bank notes.

I smell something not quite business-like about the whole arrangement.

Years ago my accountant told me about accepting payment in cash: “On the way home, deposit the full amount in a bank machine, and on the paper receipt write the name of the company or person who paid you. When you get home, make out and mail an invoices for the total amount, reversing out the tax”.

In other words, stay on the right side of the law.

Today, of course, I don’t have to carry banknotes around with me.

They can wire the money by direct email transfer from their bank to me, and I can deposit it in my bank account.

Without leaving my office.

In fact, they’d have to make sure I had the email BEFORE I left my office to deliver the training.

Which sounds even better!

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