Thursday, February 25, 2010

When Networking is Bad for Me

So off I was to a large networking event - about 300 people packed into Estonia House for International Networking Day. I felt uncomfortable there, and left during the lunch break.

Some of the speakers were very good, although they got 20 minutes max; I can't fault the organizers for moving things along.

I made a couple of potentially good contacts, but not for any immediate earth-shattering project.

On the way home it dawned on me that some networking events, such as AIC , seem very fruitful, while some seem barren.

I think that the barren events are those that attract, in the main, people whose business is with one-man firms.

How to cope with a fellow who runs an office-cleaning service in the northern end of Etobicoke? He may have the contract to clean a few local branches of The Royal Bank, but chances are strong that he doesn't have the ear of the president, and yes, perhaps I could hop the stones to the president, but somehow I doubt it.

I come across as somewhat arrogant and pompous I know, but I suspect that there may be a rocky road between me and the president if I go via the candy-basket lady or the bottled-water guy.

I come away from some of the non-targeted networking events that while I might make a profitable contact, chances are slim compared to those at an AIC , CTN or STC meeting.

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