Friday, February 5, 2010

Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Scientists and Mathematicians

From "Nature's Numbers" (by Ian Stewart):

The entrepreneur's instinct is to exploit the natural world. The engineer's is to change it. The scientist's is to try to understand it - to work out what's really going on. The mathematician's instinct is to structure that process of understanding by seeking generalities that cut across obvious sub-divisions.

What/which am I?

Today I consider myself an entrepreneur, but for years my slogan has been "Changing the Way People Think". My university subjects were mainly mathematics and my degree is a Bachelor of Science.

I use the scientific method in my daily business and personal life.

Who doesn't use mathematics? (Although I use perhaps more than most people, a heritage of Mr. Brian Feld, who changed my life).

I know that I change the way people think - you're reading this, aren't you!

What are you?

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