Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mailing Forms

I mean those on web pages where, to contact the web site owner, you first click on a "Contact" button, and then have to navigate a series of text boxes providing your name, email address and telephone number as well as typing in the text.

It's not typing in the text that bothers me - that's the creative act - it's the account details.

If the "contact" button would just send me straight into my mail client (Mozilla Thunderbird since you ask), my personal details are right there in my signature, at the foot of every email I send. My street address too!

Computers are good at doing boring and repetitive things; making me do something that my computer already does automatically goes counter to my calling.

On top of that, I just resent an extra hurdle/barrier between my question and your answer.

Not to mention the perceived attitude of "We'll answer your questions if you are prepared to do some leg work up front".

There are at least twenty other web-based services or products just like yours.

Or mine.

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