Friday, February 19, 2010

Sales Pitch

At the close of the seminar, I was addressed with the comment "That was a thinly disguised sales pitch", and I agreed.

I agreed - not to keep the peace, but because I firmly believe that every spoken or written dialogue is a series of sales pitches.

Think about it

When you relate something - anything - to someone - anyone - you do so because you want them to believe it.

  • "They just called our number; come on, let's go!".
  • "I'm not eating there; they have lousy service".
  • "Hi! My name is Chris, can we talk?".

Practically every sentence that leaves your mouth is a sales pitch.

Practically every paragraph I write is a sales pitch. This one certainly is.

If you spoke to anyone today, even if it's just to tell the cat "You have plenty of dry food", you've made a sales pitch.

If the cat believes you, you've made a sale.

Don't be afraid

You're really very good at sales.

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