Saturday, December 19, 2009

Time for Myself

As a result of the truncated meeting I had an extra half-hour to kill, over and above the buffer I'd built in to my schedule.

This is a freebie to me.

Half an hour when I'm out of the apartment with nothing to do, no telephone calls to deal with, no email, just me.

I wandered back into the subway station and took a 10-minute trip eastwards towards downtown, getting off at Bathurst station; there is a bakery right there in the station - no need to use an extra ticket - and they sell cheese croissants. I know, because I treated myself to one, got on the next westbound train, and read more of my book.

On the bus between the subway and my next appointment, I did what I hate other people doing - whipped out my cell phone - but only to collect voice mail messages.


From Andy Szego of Premiere System Solutions . I have known Andy for about 18 years, and once bought a portable computer from him. He saved my bacon.

Andy left a voice-mail "I might have a lead for some work for you", so the sour taste of my 'failed demonstration' was replaced by the sweet anticipation of learning about the new lead, once I got through the next appointment.

Sure enough, a good lead, with a warm and friendly prospect.

The emails have been exchanged, a draft specification is sent out. Today comes the discussion by phone and, I hope, issuance of another proposal which OUGHT to result in quick delivery of a cheque.

What a day!

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