Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Scamming for the FREE Lunch

I am indebted to Mike Fedryk for this flash of insight.

I've been running The Prospector service for two months now.

Very nicely, thank you!

The biggest problem with The prospector is obtaining feedback from the subscribers. I am essaying with a points-based system - snakes-and-ladders idea.

Everyone starts off with 100 points (think "Monopoly Money"), and loses 5 points if the constraints are too slack, and gains 30 points if they submit feedback that allows me to tweak their constraints to deliver a better fit.

Mike's email says in part "This one's a good hit..." and that comment arrives because Mike has been diligent in tweaking his constraints.

The biggest problem in building my business is setting up face-to-face meetings with prospects or contacts.

So my latest scam^H^H^H^H scheme says:-

P.S. When your account balance reaches 200 points you win a free lunch at The Montreal Deli, did I tell you that? (Dundas street 1/2 mile west of Highway 427).

The theory is that it will be next-to-impossible for most subscribers to fail to reach that goal, in which case whoop-de-do!, they have effectively offered to meet me for lunch!

Thanks Mike.

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