Friday, December 4, 2009

A no-nym, us!

Or if you prefer, anonymous.

I am scanning web pages looking for independent trainers in Communications skills and am amazed at the number of sites for small firms that do not provide a name.

Too many of them provide a form, but no email address.

I find this odd.

If I am looking for a personal trainer, then I want to know a bit about them.

I find that I am most enthusiastic when

(1) There is a personal name (I can introduce myself on the first call)

(2) There is a personal photo (I can "see" who I am talking with

(3) There is a real-live telephone number

(4) There is a bricks-and-mortar street address

Good Examples abound:

In most cases you have to jump about the web site to get the full details, but at least they are there.

Bad examples abound

But I'm not going to embarrass them here.


I always get a warm reception when I make the first call by phone and ask for permission to send a one-time email.

  • I am not fooling anyone, and no one is fooled by it.
  • If the emailed-proposition is attractive, communication will follow naturally.
  • If not, I must stick to my word and not send another email.

Unless something radically new crops up and then I should ask again.

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