Friday, December 18, 2009


Here is the power of adding yourself to a roster of speakers, writers, bloggers and so on:

I approached Enterprise Toronto and said I’d like to speak.

They accepted me

Yesterday (16th December) Enterprise Toronto posted an announcement on their web site about my scheduled talk.

Today (Thursday, December 17, 2009) Google Web Alert notified me that I had been found, that is, that Google has indexed the page.

Enterprise Toronto has better SEO than I (or perhaps they pay Google), but by getting onto their site I am more visible to web browsers.

Of course, it is not that people go searching for “Chris Greaves Toronto”, but when they go searching for “simple and practical processes to take you from the initial telephone call all the way to receipt of a cheque. Using sample email conversations, participants will compose a structured proposal by following basic mechanical procedures”, the theory is they will find the announcement and come to hear me speak.

And yes, I have invested time and effort getting to this point, but by piggy-backing on Enterprise Toronto, ITWorld Canada and others, I get more recognition for free.

Today: Published by The Examiner.

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